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by Anonymous on her 1:1 with Nash
problem solver

She is a very very talented and intelligent girl.She can solve any of your problems so quickly.You can tell her all of your secrets she will keep all the secret until her death.Because of her geniousness one day she will be very very successful women .I am praying for her may Allah fulfill her all the dream and give her peacefull life Ameen

by Anonymous on her 1:1 with Nash

Nashiha was the best person to talk to in my situation. I needed someone outside of my world, not a friend nor family, but who would still care for me. And she ABSOLUTELY did. I felt that she was helping me as if I was her sister Subhanallah. She went through my entire love story with me, and made sure I was seeing it from a different angle. She reassured me and gave me the keys to feel better.

by Anonymous on her 1:1 with Nash

The term 'amazing' pretty much sums it up. As I was not a big fan of showing my face, nor did our timings match. As she's only free weekends, whereas I'm not. Nash and I came to an agreement of an email. And believe me, the advice she gave on there it was just simply amazing. She not only understood from my viewpoint but she also gave me examples which related to her, which made me appreciate the advice more. Believe me, when I say I'm grateful I signed up for this. The advice I was expecting (just pray and everything will be okay) she did not only say that, but she added so much more. All I can say is book your appointments before you miss out on this opportunity!

by Anonymous on her 1:1 with Nash
She really helped me

I would really recommend this to other people because she really gave me good advice on how to deal with my problem. For me, she understood my situation way better than i expected her to which made the session even better! If you need help with any problems then i highly recommend you schedule a session!