• Advice
  • Maybe You’re Just Attached

    Attachment. In short, is comfort. It’s something you’re accustomed to. You gravitate back to this person or relationship not out of love, but out of familiarity. You’re familiar with their touch, scent, treatment, tone..etc. They may have been your first for everything and perhaps that’s their power over you. They might not be good for you […]

  • Fashion
  • Two-toned Salwaar-Kameeze

    Okay when I saw this Salwaar-kameeze, I actually squealed. There is nothing I love more than a nude and black colored combination outfit. A Salwaar-Kameeze is a traditional dress most often worn by South Asian women. We rock it at weddings, gatherings, functions , even to grandma’s house (but not get this fancy). Again, this […]

  • Fashion
  • Basic Nikkah Outfit

    When I think about a nikkah (Islamic marriage), I think about a religious ceremony. So I try not to go too glamorous. I think it should be classy, elegant but simple. This right here is a red abaya my mother got me from Bangladesh. It’s super cute because it actually looks like a dress. There is […]

  • Relationships
  • My Ex Downgraded

    So me and my white-non-cultured-thinks-she’s-cultured-cuz-she-eats-indian-food friend were chilling when she looked at her phone and gasped. “Dudeee omg, he downgraded so much, just look at how she looks” she said as she looked down at her phone, speaking terribly of her ex’s new bae. “Nash doesn’t she look ugly?” She turned her phone towards me. I […]